Watermarked Secure Delivery – StudioCDN

StudioCDN is a fast, dependable and user-friendly watermarked promo delivery system designed to
quickly, easily and securely deliver media files to anyone in the world with an email address.

SCDN software IMAC display example

Select: Add files of any size and type with drag and drop ease


Secure: Customize content settings, enable / disable watermarking, downloading, forwarding, browser locking, expiration, +more


Send: To anyone in the world with an email address, no recipient account required


SELECT any file by simply dragging and dropping them from any window or directly from iTunes into the StudioCDN client. Nothing could be easier or quicker.


SECURE your assets with MSI’s state-of-the-art watermarking technology and unique Link Protection system which restricts the unauthorized forwarding of the delivery URLs.


SEND virtually any file type and size, to any number of people, anywhere in the world. Files previously sent using StudioCDN will be delivered from the data center closest to the recipient.

  • Multiple file types; music, images, videos
  • Sender-controlled delivery options
  • Cross-platform compatibility for Windows and iOS
  • Lightweight, yet powerful application
  • User-friendly; no accounts needed
  • Use CSV distribution lists
  • Track email opens, assets downloaded and recipient location
  • Limited access window for delivered content
  • RIAA-Approved digital audio and video watermarks
  • Link Protections locks content to a unique Device+Browser
  • Global reach through Worldwide Performance Centers
  • Broad support of desktop and mobile browsers
  • Track email opens, assets downloaded and recipient location
  • Target individual recipients or distribution lists

Powerful and reliable, StudioCDN allows you to transfer music, video, images & more with security, confidence, and drag & drop ease.

StudioCDN’s lightweight client application utilizes our own native, state-of-the-art technology, insuring not only fast delivery, but a secure, fully-trackable transfer.

Audio files are automatically detected and, “digitally stamped” with RIAA-Approved
watermarks before delivery.

Unique options such as URL Protection and Download/Streaming Restrictions ensure the highest degree of customized security and efficiency, with the ability to identify leaks and combat piracy.

Transfer media files with
confidence & drag-and-drop ease