What is the MSI Multiple Download Browser Extension?

What is the MSI Multiple Download Browser Extension?

Recipients may download multiple files with a single click using the Media Science International MSI Download All extension for their respective browser. 

Links to the Download All extension extension can be found below. We recommend using the Chrome or FireFox for smooth and seamless downloading.

Download All for Chrome: Download Here

Download All for FireFox: Download Here

I can’t access my account, how do I reset my password?

I can’t access my account, how do I reset my password?


If you are unable to access your StudioCDN account you may request a password reset by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to StudioCDN.com
  2. Click Login
  3. While on the Login Screen click Forgot Password button as shown in the image.
  4. Follow the instructions on-screen to reset your password through login.

StudioCDN Desktop Application Users: Please send email to Support@StudioCDN.com to recover password.

My Recipient(s) Cannot Download, Only Stream. What Can I do?

My Recipient Cannot Download My Delivery, Only Stream. What Can I do?

There are currently 2 options for allowing recipients the ability to download following send.

  1. Create New Delivery: Ensuring the Allow Download option is enabled from the Content Settings and Send the delivery.
  2. Clone Delivery*: Enable Allow Download and Send the delivery.

In either instance StudioCDN will match the assets to what has previously been sent avoiding the need to re-upload client assets.

Please Note: StudioCDN desktop application users do not have the ability to Clone deliveries and should Create New Delivery a outlined in option 1.

See AlsoWhat is the new Clone Feature? | Delivery Details: Clone

What is Amazon SES Address Verification?

With the release of the StudioCDN web-application, the need to verify an email address via. Amazon SES Address Verification is now optional.

Senders wishing that deliveries be seen as coming from their registered email address, as opposed to a reply to address, may contact StudioCDN Support to request an address verification link be generated for their registered account email. Once generated and authorized all subsequent deliveries will be seen by recipients as originating from the registered senders email address.

My Recent Delivery is Not Showing in the Packages List?

Recent Delivery Not Showing in the Packages List?

If the StudioCDN portal is not showing a sent package or is not updating with new additional info, please refresh the page.

If sent packages are still not show please contact StudioCDN support at Support@StudioCDN.com


What is Instant Upload / File Matching?

What is Instant Upload / File Matching?

All files sent are stored in the system for many months.  If you go to send the same file again, from anywhere in the world, the file will match to the one already available and will not need to be uploaded again, only matched.  This matching is done using sophisticated hashing checks to ensure files are identical.

When you download watermarked files from StudioCDN, the system records the hash information.  If you send this watermarked file to someone else it will match back to the original file first uploaded.  This ensures that all watermarks are first generation (for best sound quality) and improves the performance of the system.

What is Allow Forward (Secure Forwarding)?

What is Allow Forward (Secure Forwarding)?

The Allow (Secure) Forwarding option allows correct watermarking and tracking of files as they are distributed, enabling this Content Setting allows recipients to forward received content from the parcel’s Landing Page, to a recipient of choosing, re-watermarked to the new recipient.

To forward a parcel the Secure Forward option must be enabled by the original sender during preparation, forwarded parcels carry the Content Settings as that of the original delivery and subject to settings modifications such as, RecallRecall All, and Forwarding Off, by original sender.


What is Recall / Recall All?

What is Recall / Recall All? 





Recall From All



As a sender you have the option to prevent any / all recipients from accessing / downloading / streaming / Forwarding a parcel using the Recall / Recall All option in Delivery Details for all non-draft / scheduled deliveries. Clicking this option will revoke recipient(s) access, including forwarded recipients, and display a  410 Status Error –  Page Not Available to the recipient if access is attempted.

What is LinkLock / Browser Locking?

What is LinkLock / Browser Locking?

or browser locking, is a Content Setting option within StudioCDN  allowing sender to lock access of the delivery to the first device and browser the delivery is opened on (including smartphones and tablets).

Recipients may open the delivery as many times as they like on the original device and browser up to the content expiration date selected by the sender during preparation.

Attempting to access delivery on additional devices and / or browsers will display a, “Content Locked,” message.

See AlsoContent Settings: LinkLock (Browser Locking)

How Long Are the Files Available For?

How Long Are the Files Available For?

Files can be set to remain active from the Delivery / Download Link Expiration Icon day delivery expiration option.
Files are stored in the system indefinitely to support file-matching and Instant Upload.

See AlsoContent Settings: Delivery Expiration