”Two Factor Authentication,” Why is it Important, and What Does it Do?

”Two Factor Authentication,” Why is it Important, and What Does it Do?


When online security begins to feel like an all out arms race and keeping track of some new security method is just not an option, simplistic tried and true methods such as, “Two Factor Authentication,” becomes essential to the safety of your accounts and data.

Adopted by all well known technology and web companies across the globe for some or all of their account authentication needs, “Two Factor Authentication,” is a process where users of digital systems, services, websites, etc… are required to provide Two Responses to prove their identity before access is granted to the user.

Responses can take take many forms and new authentication variables are adopted every day; common factors are typically User Name & Password, Challenge Code Sent to Mobile or Registered Email, Security Questions, Voice Activation, Bio-Metric Verification, and More.

In effort to safeguard your data all StudioCDN accounts are equipped with optional, “Two Factor Authentication,” requiring users to provide Email & Password, as well as Challenge codes sent via. SMS, Voice, or answers to pre-determined Challenge Questions, in order to gain access.

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