Send: Clone

Clone: With the release of the StudioCDN web-application Senders now have the ability to Clone sent packages from Delivery Details for each non-draft / scheduled deliveries. Similar to Resend, clicking the Clone option allows Senders to replicate a previously sent delivery including recipients, assets, subject, body, and content settings. However whereas the Resend option replicates and sends the package to a single recipient in its entirety, the Clone option allows senders to edit every aspect of the delivery and send or schedule to all, any, or none of the original recipients.

Please Note*: The Clone option also appears under Delivery Details: Clone. Clone feature not available to StudioCDN Desktop Client users. 

Send: Sending to Contacts Using the List Feature

send to studiocdn listsSending to Contacts Using the StudioCDN List Feature: To send to one or more active lists using the StudioCDN List feature, start by Creating or Importing to a New List (How To: ).

From the Package Editor page…

-Click the Browse Button in the Send To Field on the Left to View Active Lists
-Select the Desired Active Lists*
-Complete the Package by Adding Assets, Subject, Body, and Click Send

*Please Note: When adding multiple lists total recipient count may differ from the additive of each list due to StudioCDN’s de-dupe feature.

See Also: Send: Whats Required? |  Lists: Creating a List and Importing from CSV | Lists: Creating an Empty List and Adding Contacts (Manual Entry)

Content Settings: Delivery Expiration

Delivery Expiration: This feature allows senders to specify the length of time for which a delivery is to remain active up to 60 days from send.

By default, deliveries carry the 5 day expiration option, senders wishing to elect a longer or shorter expiration period may do so by clicking in the Expires field in the menu bar and selecting the desired expiration date.

Alternatively senders may elect a longer or shorter expiration window as default in the User Preferences GEAR USER PREF control panel of the StudioCDN Portal.

*Please Note: Delivery expiration may not be disabled, only the pre-defined (1, 5, 14 day) expiration options may be used.

See AlsoPackages List: View Expired | Preferences: Delivery Expiration | Modify Content Settings: Recall (Recipient) | Modify Content Settings: Recall All

Send: Discard Draft

Discard Draft*: By default all deliveries in preparation are considered drafts. The Discard Draft option allows senders to delete the current delivery draft and return to the Portal page Package List.

*Please Note: When using the Discard Draft option, all data in the current delivery will be immediately deleted and all assets will be purged. Data in a discarded draft is not recallable. Discard Draft feature not available in the StudioCDN desktop application.

Send: Auto Save / Save & Close

Auto-Save: By default all deliveries in preparation are considered drafts. The new StudioCDN automatically saves deliveries in preparation to drafts every 30 seconds.

Save and Close*: The, Save and Close option allows senders to manually Save and Close a delivery by clicking the SAVE AND CLOSE ICON icon, and return to the Portal page. 

*Please Note: It is advised that senders use this option when exiting a draft to assure Sender’s place in preparation is held. Likewise all drafts should be given a descriptive subject during preparation for easy search and
retrieval by sender. Save and Close / Auto-Save features
 not available in the StudioCDN desktop application.

See Also: Packages List: View Drafts

Send: Schedule


Schedule: The Schedule* option gives users the ability to prepare deliveries now to be automatically sent at a later date and time.

Scheduling a delivery can be done from the date field at the top of the menu bar by selecting the desired date / time of delivery from the calendar menu drop down.

Scheduling a delivery can be done up to 60 days in advance of the desired delivery date and may be edited / cancelled up to 30 minutes prior to scheduled send time.

*Please Note: Scheduling feature not available in the StudioCDN desktop application.

See also:  Packages List: View Scheduled

Send: What’s Required?

Requirements: To send a delivery with StudioCDN each package must contain the following three elements: Recipient(s), Asset(s), and Download Link. With the release of the StudioCDN web-application, deliveries in preparation undergo a continuous, “Flight Check*,” process to assure the three required elements (Recipient, Asset, and Download Link) are present during preparation.

Flight Check: Deliveries in preparation are displayed with the Send button in one of two states: RED or GREEN. Deliveries containing all three required elements will be displayed with a GREEN send button to indicate that the necessary elements for delivery are present and ready to be sent or scheduled. Deliveries not containing all necessary elements will have the Send button displayed in RED with an accompanying pop-up dialog identifying the missing element(s). Adding all missing elements as indicated by the onscreen Flight Check dialog will change the Send button from RED to GREEN indicating that the required elements are now present and the delivery is ready to be sent or scheduled.

*Please Note: Flight Check not available in the StudioCDN desktop application.

See Also: Send: CSV Import (Distribution List)

Send: Overview

Overview: StudioCDN’s web-app email editor interface is broken down in to 4 sections that control who, what, where, and how assets are delivered to recipients.

  1. Send To – Recipients field allowing senders to add individual or lists of recipients.
  2. Assets & Info – Drag and Drop, Click and Choose, or Upload from Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive using CloudConnect; Add Artist and Project Information Under Landing Page Details.
  3. Content Protection Settings – Watermark, Download, Forward, LinkLock and Scheduler Settings.
  4. Email Editor – Advanced Editor Option*.

*Please Note: Feature not available in the StudioCDN desktop application. Advanced Editor shown.

See AlsoPackages List: Overview