Forwarding Files

From the StudioCDN received content page you are able to forward the content to other people. In the Info Section, located at the bottom of the screen, there is a Forward to Email box, enter the email address of the person you want to forward to and press the Forward Package button as shown.


Streaming Audio or Video Files

When you receive a Audio, or Video file(s) from a StudioCDN user, you will  always be able to stream/view the file within your web browser. Click on the file (not the download icon) in either two locations to select which file you would like to stream/view as shown in the image. This will then be played in the media player in the right top corner.


Downloading Files

There are multiple ways to download files that you receive from the StudioCDN application. You are only able to download Audio/Video files if the Sender has allowed you to do so.  If you wish to download one file, click on the yellow downward arrow icon next to the desired file as shown in the picture below.


If you want to download multiple files first install the Media Science International’s Multiple File Downloader Extension for your current browser which is explained in their respective guides. You can download them Here