Receive: Stream Only

Stream Only: Deliveries displaying the, “Stream,” button to the right of the listed audio / video assets have been designated as, “Stream Only,” packages in which audio / video assets may only be streamed via. the StudioCDN on-page player. Please Note: All non-audio / video assets included in the delivery (eg. documents, images, zip files, etc…) will be available for download by the recipients.

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Receive: Send to files box

Send to box Feature: With the latest StudioCDN Landing Page Update recipients may now cross load downloadable assets to their personal box account. Simply click the  Send to Box Icon next to each asset you would like to download, or Tick / Select All and Click the Send to Box button and follow the onscreen prompts to login and authorize StudioCDN to send the selected files to your box account.

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Receive: Download / Download All / Send to Box

Download / Send to box: If Download* has been enabled by the Sender during preparation, a download DLICON copyor box  icon will appear at the far right of the title row, beneath the Audio/Video heading. Clicking the download icon will begin the download to the default directory. 

Download All / Send All to box**: Alternatively if a delivery contains a number of downloadable files recipients may use the MSI Download All Extension for the Chrome, FireFox, or Safari web-browsers or Send to box feature by clicking the Select All button from the delivery landing page and then clicking the Download or Send to box button.

*Please Note: Non-Audio / Video content is always accessible by download to recipients.
**Clicking the box icon will begin the process of logging in and authorizing the cross load to box.

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Get Chrome: Download All Extension | Get FireFox: Download All Extension 

Receive: Stream

Stream: Received Audio / Video files are always streamable* within your web browser. Clicking the desired file from the Audio / Video assets beneath the player loads and plays the selected file in the embedded player. 

*Please Note: Non-Audio / Video content is always accessible by download to recipients.

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Receive: Overview

Overview: Received content served via. the StudioCDN Landing Page accessible through the download / view link provided in the sender’s delivery email. Currently, there are 2 methods in which StudioCDN makes Audio and Video* content available to recipients: Download and / or Stream, with method of access and length of availability dependent on the Content Protection Settings established by sender, during preparation.

*Please Note: Non-Audio / Video content is always accessible by download to recipients.

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Receive: Secure Forward

Secure Forward: If the Secure Forward option has been enabled by the sender during preparation, a Forward to Email field will appear under the Info heading on the recipient landing. Here recipients may type an email address to forward the received parcel to recipient(s) of choice, re-watermarked to the new recipient.

See Also: Content Settings: Allow Forwarding | Modify Content Settings: Forwarding Off

Receive: Landing (download) Page

StudioCDN Landing Page: Accessible via. the download link provided in the sender’s email, the StudioCDN Landing Page is a temporary, unique content host furnishing uploaded assets, for a specific recipient, for a pre-determined length of time.

Access to this page is contingent upon the Content Protection Settings enabled by sender during preparation. Senders may further change, restrict, or revoke access, to a parcel at any time from the Delivery Details page for the specific delivery.

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