Preferences: Advanced Editor

Activating the Advanced Editor as Default in Preferences:  The StudioCDN Advanced Editor enables senders to arrange and design media rich email deliveries with ease using drag and drop customizable content blocks.

By default new accounts created on the StudioCDN system are set to the Standard Editor requiring sender’s to activate the Advanced Editor in the user preferences section of StudioCDN.

To activate the StudioCDN advanced Editor from anywhere inside of StudioCDN…

  • Click the user preferences Icon [Preferences Quick Link]
  • Locate and Tick the Advanced Editor Option
  • Click Save and Close
  • Click New Package

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Preferences: Two-Step Verification

Two-Factor Authentication Two-Step Verification: Disabled by default for all new accounts, enabling this option adds an additional layer of security to senders accounts through an SMS Authentication Code* and sender Challenge Questions in effort to prevent against unauthorized account access.

Once enabled, users attempting to change passwords or modify certain security settings will be required to provide an Authentication Code sent via. SMS to the mobile phone on record and answer a series of Challenge Questions prior to modifying these settings.

*Please Note: Two-Step Verification requires a mobile phone with the ability to receive SMS (text) messages, standard messaging rates may apply.

See Also: User Guide: Two-Step Verification

Preferences: Delivery Expiration


Expiration: Set to 5 days by default for all new accounts, modifying this option allows senders to elect an alternative expiration period from the 1, 5, or 14 days* choices.

*Please Note: Commencement of Expiration period begins at Send.

See AlsoContent Settings: Delivery Expiration

Preferences: Allow Forward

PREF AND DEF - ALLOW FWDAllow Forwarding: Set to Off by default for all new accounts, enabling this option grants recipients the ability to forward a parcel from the StudioCDN landing page (download page) to any email address, re-watermarked to the recipient of the forward*.

*Please Note: Senders regularly delivering sensitive content should not modify this default, rather senders should enable the Allow Forwarding option during preparation on a delivery by delivery basis. 

See AlsoContent Settings: Allow Forwarding | Receive: Secure Forward

Preferences: Allow Download

PREF AND DEF - ALLOW DLAllow Download: Set to Off / Stream Only by default for all new accounts, this option pertains to the downloading audio and video files only. Enabling this option grants recipients the ability to download audio and video assets from all subsequent deliveries*.

*Please Note: The Allow Download option is not applied retroactively; when allow download is disabled recipients may still download non audio / video files included in a delivery. User’s regularly sending Stream Only deliveries should not modify this default, rather senders should enable the Allow Download option during preparation on a delivery by delivery basis. 

See AlsoContent Settings: Allow Download | Receive: Download/Download-All | Receive: Stream Audio/Video

Preferences: Overview

Control Panel - OverviewPreferences: The StudioCDN control panel provides Senders the ability to establish a set of defaults for the customization of their account; senders wishing to customize the defaults of their account may do so via. the User Preferences  control panel* for their account.

Currently there are 4 Content Setting defaults in the User Preferences control panel that a sender may modify: Allow Download, Allow Forwarding, delivery Expiration (1, 5, 14 days), and Two-Step Verification. In addition senders also have the ability to create a custom Subject, Body, and Signature, default within the respectively titled fields in the User Preference control panel.

*Please Note: For most senders StudioCDN’s pre-established defaults will suffice, modifying defaults here carries changes throughout all subsequent deliveries and may affect the manner in which recipients may view and access the content.

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