Packages List: Label and Filter

Labels and filters make it easy to locate a previously tagged delivery. Once a delivery has been labeled senders may create label filters using any of the All, Active, Draft, Expired, and Scheduled headings to simplify a query and locate the labeled delivery.

To Label a delivery from the labels column in the StudioCDN packages list*

-Click the star label
-Select desired label color and your selection will be automatically saved
*Labels may also be selected using the star label option in either the StudioCDN Standard or Advanced editor of any Draft Delivery.

To create a filter to locate a labeled delivery, from the StudioCDN packages list**

-Click the Filter By option
-Select the desired color label to filter by
**Labels can be further filtered by selecting any one of the All, Active, Draft, Expired, or Scheduled package list headings to further simplify your query.


View Activity: Export Activity

Export Activity: StudioCDN provides senders with the ability to Export Activity of all recipients having accessed the delivery in to a .CSV file report directly from the Delivery Details page.

See AlsoDelivery Details: Analytics | Delivery Details: Recipients | Delivery Details: Content Settings

Delivery Details: Analytics

StudioCDN Analytics: With the latest update of the StudioCDN Web-App we have expanded our reporting and analytical capabilities with Graphed Delivery Activity including: Email Open, Accept, Stream and Download and Charted Streams and Downloads by day as well as a host of other in page or exportable activity reports.

To view charted analytics for your deliveries please locate and click on a delivery link from the StudioCDN portal to open the delivery details page, if a delivery shows activity Graphed Delivery Activity and Charted Streams and Downloads will be visible on the delivery details page.

Delivery Details: Clone


Clone: With the release of the StudioCDN web-application Senders now have the ability to Clone sent packages from Delivery Details for each non-draft / scheduled deliveries. Similar to Resend, clicking the Clone option allows Senders to replicate a previously sent delivery including recipients, assets, subject, body, and content settings. However whereas the Resend option replicates and sends the package to a single recipient in its entirety, the Clone option allows senders to edit every aspect of the delivery and send or schedule to all, any, or none of the original recipients.

Please Note*: The Clone option also appears under Send: Clone. Clone feature not available to StudioCDN Desktop Client users.

View Activity: Recipient Activity Report

VIEW RECIP ACT - OVERVIEW INSRecipient Activity Report: Accessed through the View Activity link (when present) in Delivery Details for all non-draft / scheduled deliveries, the following 5 Sections illustrate a recipients activity in accessing a specific parcel.

Recipient: Located at the top of the activity screen, displays the email address of the Recipient of which activity report is currently being viewed.

File: Located in the table below Recipient, this column lists each file the recipient has accessed. Files appearing in this column more than once* have been accessed on multiple devices, browsers, or through different Methods.

Received: Located in the table to the right of the File heading, this column lists the Date of access* for each file accessed from the parcel.

Method: Located in the table to the right of the Received heading, this column details the Method in which the files were accessed. There are two possible status messages that can be displayed in this section: Stream and Download.

IP Address: Located in the table to the right of the Method this column details the IP Address from which the recipient accessed the listed files.

*Please Note: Only content that has been accessed by the recipient will be displayed in the Activity Report.
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View Activity: Overview

VIEW RECIP ACT - OVERVIEWVIEW ACT - CONT OVERVIEWView Activity: Located in the recipients section of Delivery Details for all non-draft / scheduled deliveries, here recipients are displayed with one of two possible status messages: No Activity or View Activity.

Recipients having accessed a particular delivery will be displayed with the View Activity link status message next to their email address, clicking View Activity displays the individual recipient’s activity report.

See Also: Delivery Details: Overview | Packages List: Overview

Modify Content Settings: Link Lock

MOD CPS - LINK LOCKLink Lock: Formerly Link Protection. Located in the recipients section under Delivery Details, this feature disables the browser locking option for the specified recipient’s* device, subsequently granting parcel access from any device and browser when using the recipient’s LinkLock disabled URL.

*Please Note: The Link Lock option is applied at the recipient level and cannot be enabled post-delivery. Senders should use caution when disabling this option as doing so enables parcel access to anyone in possession of the link.

See Also: Content Settings: LinkLock (Link Protection)

Modify Content Settings: Resend

MOD CPS - RESENDResend: Located in the recipients section under Delivery Details, this feature replicates and resends the specific parcel to the intended recipient*. Using the Resend option creates a separate delivery in the Packages List, and carries the same: subject line, email body, security settings, and assets, as contained in the original delivery.

*Please Note: The Resend option is applied at the recipient level and does not allow senders to modify the parcel, content, or settings. Enabling this option immediately replicates and sends the parcel to the intended recipient .

See Also: Delivery Details: Clone

Modify Content Settings: Forwarding Off

MOD CPS - FWD OFFForwarding Off: Located to the right of the Recall All option, under Delivery Details, the Forwarding Off* feature disables the Secure Forward option and removes the forward field from the landing page.

*Please Note: The Forwarding Off option is applied at the delivery level and affects all recipients.

See AlsoContent Settings: Allow Forwarding | Preferences: Allow Forward | Receive: Secure Forward

Modify Content Settings: Recall (Recipient)

MOD CPS - RECALLRecall (Recipient): Located in recipients list on the Delivery Details page, for each recipient; enabling this feature immediately revokes access to a parcel, for a single recipient. Attempting access following Recall All* displays a 410 Status Error –  Page Not Available.

*Please Note: The Recall option is applied at the recipient level for the individual recipient.

See AlsoModify Content Settings: Recall All