The StudioCDN Inbox

StudioCDN Inbox Panel

StudioCDN Inbox add to calendar feature

Inbox: The StudioCDN Inbox feature allows account holders to receive files from external users via. unique, recallable, inbox links. StudioCDN account not required for Inbox Senders.

The StudioCDN Inbox Panel is made up of the following 5 sections: 

1.) HTML Email Editor providing senders the ability to add notes and copy to be displayed via. email in their submission. 2.) Drag and Drop Assets panel to the right allows senders to upload their files via. Drag and Drop, Browse and Select, or upload assets from DropBox, Box, or OneDrive, with the all new CloudConnect option. 3.) The Content Settings area at the top of the editor allows senders to set the delivery expiration for the inbox files, delivery expiration may be set for a maximum of 60 days. 4.) Project Info pane to the left allows senders to display the project info of the delivery on the landing page. 5.) File Delivery Details to Calendar, allows senders to record file delivery details to their computers calendar providing a record of the entire inbox delivery.

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