How-To: Switching Between the Standard and Advanced Editors in the Package Editor

Switching Between the Standard and Advanced Email Editors in the Package Editor: Thanks to a recent update we have added the ability to change between the StudioCDN Advanced and Standard Editors directly from the StudioCDN Package Editor.

To change between the Standard and Advanced Editors simply click the editor button *.

*Please Note: When switching between editors some mark ups may not be saved.

How-To: List Feature Quick Start Guide [Import CSV and Send to List]

StudioCDN List Feature Quick Start Guide:

1.) Navigate to the Lists tab


2.) Give your List a Name


3.) Click the Import CSV List Button and Choose an Existing .CSV List
[ Download a .CSV Template]


4.) Click New Package or Select an Existing Draft


5.) Click the Browse Button and Select a List


6.) Click the Send Button Once Package is Complete


How-To: Sign In Using Active Directory

Enterprise users whose organizations support StudioCDN’s Active Directory (ADFS) feature are now required to sign in to StudioCDN using their company credentials (often company email and password).

To Sign in with Active Directory:

  1. Navigate to the StudioCDN homepage: and click the, “Sign In,” button.
  2. When prompted enter your company email address eg. and click, “Next.”

  3. Finally, when prompted enter your company email address and company email password and click, “Sign In,” to be taken to the StudioCDN portal page.

How-To: Send Files to Box

How To: Send a Singe File from a StudioCDN to Your box Account

-Locate and Click the Send to box icon next to the desired asset.
-Follow the on-screen prompts to authorize StudioCDN to send files to your box account.
-Once complete click the, “Open Files in box,” in the Upload Complete overlay to view the delivery in your box account.
How To: Send Multiple / All Files from a StudioCDN to Your box Account

-Tick the box next each asset you would like to download or Click the, “Select All,” button.
-Click the, “Send to box,” button.
-Follow the on-screen prompts to authorize StudioCDN to send files to your box account.
-Once complete click the, “Open Files in box,” in the Upload Complete overlay to view the delivery in your box account.

How To: Using the MSI Multiple File Downloader with StudioCDN Deliveries

The MSI Multiple File Download plugin

The MSI Multiple File Download plugin enables recipients to download multiple files to a desired directory in a single click.
The Multiple File Download plugin is available for the Chrome, FireFox, and Safari web-browsers.


Adding the Plugin to your browser

Locate and click the links below to add the MSI Multiple File Download plugin to your Chrome, FireFox, or Safari web-browser:

MSI Multiple File Download Plugin

Chrome: MSI Multiple File Download plugin
FireFox: MSI Multiple File Download plugin
Safari: MSI Multiple File Download plugin

Operating the MSI Multiple File Download plugin Chrome / FireFox

-Navigate to your StudioCDN delivery using your FireFox web-browser.
-Locate and Click the MSI Download All plugin iconfrom the address bar.
-Set / Change the desired, “Destination*,” or, “Use Default,” (typically FireFox or Chrome default download directory).
-Click Download

*Typing a name (eg. SR – Remaster Compilation) in the Destination field of the plugin will create a new folder in the FireFox default download directory.

How-To: Make the Advanced Editor the Default Email Editor

Make the StudioCDN Advanced Email Editor the Default Email Editor:
To Make the StudioCDN Advanced Editor the default email editor; from any screen in the StudioCDN web-app,
1.) Navigate to and click the Gear Icon User Preferences icon in the top right corner of the StudioCDN web-app to to access the StudioCDN Preferences / Control Panel.2.) Located at the bottom of the StudioCDN Preferences / Control Panel page, Navigate to and tick the desired, “Standard Editor,” or, “Advanced Editor,” option.

3.) Navigate to and click the the, “Save and Close,” button located at the top of the StudioCDN Preferences / Control Panel page  to be taken back to your StudioCDN portal Packages list.

4.) From the StudioCDN packages list, click the, “New Package,” button; Your StudioCDN editor will now default to the Advanced Editor and display a default template; this template may be customized and saved for further use, or you may pick from any number of our free delivery templates via. the, “Download,” button in the StudioCDN templates menu or via. the StudioCDN Templates Direct link.

See Also: Downloading & Loading StudioCDN TemplatesStudioCDN Templates

How-To Download And Stream Files Received Via. StudioCDN Delivery

How-To Download and Stream StudioCDN Received Deliveries:

To Stream and / or Download files received via. the StudioCDN secure content delivery system…

    1. Click or Copy & Paste the secure link contained in your StudioCDN email notification into your preferred browser.This link typically begins and ends with…../lander
    2. While on the StudioCDN file download page, click the blue Accept button under the Copyright and Link Protection acknowledgment to remove the warning.
    3. You may now Stream the Audio / Video files using the Media Player to the right, or Download / Send individual files by clicking the Download Icon to the right of each file under the Audio / Video heading. You may also send individual files to box by clicking the icon next to each asset.Alternatively, recipients wishing to download all files contained in this delivery may do so using the Download All browser extension for ChromeFireFox, or Safari.To add the Download All browser extension to Chrome or FireFox, use the links below.

      Chrome (Mac / PC): Download All Extension | FireFox (Mac / PC): Download All Extension Safari (Mac) Download All Extension

How-To: StudioCDN Web-App Quick Start Guide

StudioCDN Web-App Quick Start Guide:
To create and send a new package delivery using the StudioCDN web application, while viewing the, “Portal,” screen
1.) Navigate to and click the blue, New Package button to load the StudioCDN composer / editor.

1 New Package

2.)Next, locate the To field in the lower left section just outside editor screen and type the email address of the recipient(s) to which you would like to send a watermarked promo delivery. Alternatively you may add a list stored in the StudioCDN Lists chooser.

3.) Following, locate and drag the file(s) you wish to send, from your desktop or hard drive location and drop them in the gray section labeled Assets on the right side of the StudioCDN editor screen.

4.) Finally, navigate to and click the GREEN Send button in the top left corner of the editor screen to send the package and load the, Packages List Portal page.