Design: Accessing the Advanced Editor from the Package Editor

Accessing the Standard and Advanced Email Editors in the Package Editor: Thanks to a recent update we have added the ability to change between the StudioCDN Advanced and Standard Editors directly from the StudioCDN Package Editor.

To change between the Standard and Advanced Editors simply click the editor button *.

*Please Note: When switching between editors some mark ups may not be saved.

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Design: Edit Images In StudioCDN

Edit Images In StudioCDN: StudioCDN provides senders with a full image editing suit located conveniently inside of any content block inserted inside the StudioCDN Advanced Editor.

To edit images inside of the StudioCDN…

  • Add an image to any available image content block in the editor.
  • Click Edit Image from the Content Image Content Properties
  • Select the desired feature from the Image Editing carousel to begin editing.
  • Once complete click Save to save and update the image displayed in the content block.

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Design: Adding Row Background Images

Adding Row Background Images: StudioCDN now allows senders to add background images to structure blocks for display behind text and other content.

To add a background image to any structure block…

  • Add or Hover and click the desired structure block*.
  • Enable the Row Background Image Option toggle from the row properties menu.
  • Click Change Image to upload or add an image via. URL.
  • Tick Full Width, Repeat, and Center options as desired.
  • Add a background color for backup email client compatibility**.

*Email client compatibility: The StudioCDN editor uses advanced email design techniques to ensure that background images are rendered on most email clients. According to our most recent tests, the only email clients for which background images were not shown, were:

  • Outlook (background images appear to work on Outlook 2016 on OS X, not in other versions)
  • Lotus Notes 7
  • Xfinity / Comcast email client

**For those email clients – and for best results when images are blocked – make sure that you set a background color for the row that works well in the absence of the background image.

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Design: General Email Body Options

General Email Body Options: Clicking the Body tab in the StudioCDN advanced editor brings up the global email body settings allowing senders to edit the following options.

  • Content Area Width: Adjusts the maximum width of the email’s content area. For email client optimization exceeding 600px width is not recommended.
  • Background Color: Set a desired color to be displayed outside of the content area.
  • Content Area Background Color: Set a color to be displayed within the content area.
  • Default Font: Set a global font for the entire email deliver.
  • Link Color: Customize link color to match the email design.

Design: Adding Structure and Content Blocks

Adding Structure and Content Blocks: The StudioCDN advanced editor allows senders to create media rich deliveries using the Advanced Editor Content and Structure blocks. By default the StudioCDN advanced editor will display a single column template which can be used, edited, and saved as default.

To edit the default template or create your own templates from the StudioCDN Advanced Editor…

  • Click the Structure tab and drag and drop the desired Structure column block to the editor section.
  • Click the Content tab and drag and drop the desired Content atop of the previously placed Structure column block.
  • Edit and customize content blocks through the selected content block menu to the right.

Caveat: When designing from scratch place structure blocks before adding and editing content blocks.

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Design: Activating the Advanced Editor as Default

Activating the Advanced Editor as Default:  The StudioCDN Advanced Editor enables senders to arrange and design media rich email deliveries with ease using drag and drop customizable content blocks.

By default new accounts created on the StudioCDN system are set to the Standard Editor requiring sender’s to activate the Advanced Editor in the user preferences section of StudioCDN.

To activate the StudioCDN advanced Editor from anywhere inside of StudioCDN…

  • Click the user preferences Icon [Preferences Quick Link]
  • Locate and Tick the Advanced Editor Option
  • Click Save and Close
  • Click New Package

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Design: Add Youtube & Vimeo Content

Add Youtube & Vimeo Content: The StudioCDN Advanced Editor allows sender’s to insert video content hosted on Youtube & Vimeo directly in to the StudioCDN email delivery displaying the hosted video’s thumbnail and customizable play icons.

To add a YouTube or Vimeo video link to your delivery using the Advanced Editor*

  • Locate and drag the Video Content Block from the Content Tab.
  • Click Add a Video URL
  • Paste the YouTube or Vimeo link in the Video URL box under Content Properties
  • Customize Play Icon / Size and Padding and design

*Feature not available in the StudioCDN Standard Editor

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