Modify Content Settings: Recall All

MOD CPS - RECALL ALLRecall All: Located immediately above the recipients column on the Delivery Details page, enabling this feature immediately revokes access to a specific delivery, for all recipients. Attempting access following Recall All* displays a 410 Status Error –  Page Not Available.

*Please Note: The Recall All option is applied at the delivery level and affects all recipients.

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Modify Content Settings: Overview

MOD CPS - OVERVIEWModify Content Settings: The StudioCDN portal contains a number of options allowing senders to modify the content settings of a particular delivery regardless of recipient activity.

Located in Delivery Details for all non-draft / scheduled deliveries, there are 5 Content Settings which can be modified post-send: Recall All, Forwarding Off*, Resend, Recall, and Link Lock*.

Changing any number of settings here can affect delivery access for individuals or all recipients depending on which of the options have been modified. Each of these 5 Content Settings changes and their results have been detailed in the following pages of this documentation.

Please Note*: With the exception of the Forwarding Off, and LinkLock* options, changes made here may be applied to the delivery or recipient respective of the desired outcome.

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