StudioCDN Web Client

You can also configure for other users, regardless if they have a StudioCDN account or not, to send you content securely using the StudioCDN service. On the StudioCDN Portal main page there is a second section called Inbox Link. Here you can add different users each with their own specific URL. You can add users with the Enter a name… text field at top and can remove users by clicking the Revoke button with the corresponding user.

Active Sender for InBox ready

When you add a user they will then be able to send files to you online using any web browser. By selecting on your specific URL link that they will be sent in an email they can send any file securely to you as shown in the image below. You can add files by clicking on the button below or by dragging them into the web page. When you are ready to send click the Start Upload button.

Web client for Upload ready

What Is And How Do You Get To The StudioCDN Portal

The StudioCDN Portal is where you can keep track of and change the options of your sent packages online. You can also access the StudioCDN client application from here as well. 

To access the StudioCDN portal, click on the orange StudioCDN logo in the bottom left corner of the application as shown in the picture below. (The StudioCDN logo is on the other bottom corner for Mac OS X).