Send: What’s Required?

Requirements: To send a delivery with StudioCDN each package must contain the following three elements: Recipient(s), Asset(s), and Download Link. With the release of the StudioCDN web-application, deliveries in preparation undergo a continuous, “Flight Check*,” process to assure the three required elements (Recipient, Asset, and Download Link) are present during preparation.

Flight Check: Deliveries in preparation are displayed with the Send button in one of two states: RED or GREEN. Deliveries containing all three required elements will be displayed with a GREEN send button to indicate that the necessary elements for delivery are present and ready to be sent or scheduled. Deliveries not containing all necessary elements will have the Send button displayed in RED with an accompanying pop-up dialog identifying the missing element(s). Adding all missing elements as indicated by the onscreen Flight Check dialog will change the Send button from RED to GREEN indicating that the required elements are now present and the delivery is ready to be sent or scheduled.

*Please Note: Flight Check not available in the StudioCDN desktop application.

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