Content Settings: Allow Forwarding

Secure Forwarding: Depicted by the  icon in the editors menu bar. When enabled this feature grants recipients the ability to Forward* received parcels from the StudioCDN Landing Page (download page), replacing the current watermark with a unique embed to the forward recipient(s).

By default the Secure Forwarding option is disabled, senders may enable this option on a per-delivery basis by clicking the Allow Forwarding option from the editors menu bar, the icon will turn from  to  indicating the Secure Forwarding option has been enabled for the current delivery.

Alternatively users may enable the Secure Forwarding option as default in the User Preferences  control panel of the StudioCDN Portal.


Please Note: Forwarded parcels carry the Content Settings as set out in the original delivery and cannot be modified.

See AlsoReceive: Secure Forward | Preferences: Allow Forward