Receive: Download / Download All / Send to Box

Download / Send to box: If Download* has been enabled by the Sender during preparation, a download DLICON copyor box  icon will appear at the far right of the title row, beneath the Audio/Video heading. Clicking the download icon will begin the download to the default directory. 

Download All / Send All to box**: Alternatively if a delivery contains a number of downloadable files recipients may use the MSI Download All Extension for the Chrome, FireFox, or Safari web-browsers or Send to box feature by clicking the Select All button from the delivery landing page and then clicking the Download or Send to box button.

*Please Note: Non-Audio / Video content is always accessible by download to recipients.
**Clicking the box icon will begin the process of logging in and authorizing the cross load to box.

See AlsoContent Settings: Allow Download Preferences: Allow Download | Receive: Stream

Get Chrome: Download All Extension | Get FireFox: Download All Extension