Preferences: Overview

Control Panel - OverviewPreferences: The StudioCDN control panel provides Senders the ability to establish a set of defaults for the customization of their account; senders wishing to customize the defaults of their account may do so via. the User Preferences  control panel* for their account.

Currently there are 4 Content Setting defaults in the User Preferences control panel that a sender may modify: Allow Download, Allow Forwarding, delivery Expiration (1, 5, 14 days), and Two-Step Verification. In addition senders also have the ability to create a custom Subject, Body, and Signature, default within the respectively titled fields in the User Preference control panel.

*Please Note: For most senders StudioCDN’s pre-established defaults will suffice, modifying defaults here carries changes throughout all subsequent deliveries and may affect the manner in which recipients may view and access the content.

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