Portal: Overview

The StudioCDN Portal: Presented immediately following login, the StudioCDN Portal is the central hub of the StudioCDN system. Here senders may view, modify, and edit, deliveries and drafts prepared from their account.

The StudioCDN Portal consists of 3 sections: Packages List, Delivery Details, and Recipient Activity, presented in order from general to specific, with each successive section accessible from the former.

Packages List: Viewable immediately following login, here senders are presented with a running list of all drafts and deliveries contained in their StudioCDN account.

Delivery Details: Viewable by clicking the Subject Line link for all non-draft / scheduled deliveries contained in the Packages List, here senders are presented with detailed information on the preparation and delivery of a particular delivery. From this view senders have the ability to modify delivery preference and settings.

Recipient Activity: Viewable by clicking the View Activity link for all non-draft / scheduled parcels having been accessed by recipient, here senders are presented with highly detailed information on the who, what, and how, assets contained in a particular parcel were accessed by an individual recipient.


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