View Activity: Recipient Activity Report

VIEW RECIP ACT - OVERVIEW INSRecipient Activity Report: Accessed through the View Activity link (when present) in Delivery Details for all non-draft / scheduled deliveries, the following 5 Sections illustrate a recipients activity in accessing a specific parcel.

Recipient: Located at the top of the activity screen, displays the email address of the Recipient of which activity report is currently being viewed.

File: Located in the table below Recipient, this column lists each file the recipient has accessed. Files appearing in this column more than once* have been accessed on multiple devices, browsers, or through different Methods.

Received: Located in the table to the right of the File heading, this column lists the Date of access* for each file accessed from the parcel.

Method: Located in the table to the right of the Received heading, this column details the Method in which the files were accessed. There are two possible status messages that can be displayed in this section: Stream and Download.

IP Address: Located in the table to the right of the Method this column details the IP Address from which the recipient accessed the listed files.

*Please Note: Only content that has been accessed by the recipient will be displayed in the Activity Report.
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