Packages List: View Scheduled

STAT VIEW - SCHEDView Scheduled: Deliveries displayed in this view option make up all Scheduled deliveries in the senders account. Senders wishing to view Scheduled deliveries only may do so by clicking the Scheduled option from the left column.

Deliveries displayed here are considered complete and awaiting the sender specified date / time for transmission. Clicking the subject line link here displays the editor for the scheduled delivery, from here senders may choose to Change, Edit, Send, Re-Schedule, or Discard* the current delivery.
Alternatively, senders may discard a Draft by clicking the Discard / Delete* TRASH ICON option (trashcan icon) to the right of the date column from the StudioCDN Portal.

*Please Note: Senders should exercise caution when using the Discard feature as this option causes the system to immediately delete the current / desired Scheduled delivery and purge its assets, this cannot be undone.

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