Packages List: Label and Filter

Labels and filters make it easy to locate a previously tagged delivery. Once a delivery has been labeled senders may create label filters using any of the All, Active, Draft, Expired, and Scheduled headings to simplify a query and locate the labeled delivery.

To Label a delivery from the labels column in the StudioCDN packages list*

-Click the star label
-Select desired label color and your selection will be automatically saved
*Labels may also be selected using the star label option in either the StudioCDN Standard or Advanced editor of any Draft Delivery.

To create a filter to locate a labeled delivery, from the StudioCDN packages list**

-Click the Filter By option
-Select the desired color label to filter by
**Labels can be further filtered by selecting any one of the All, Active, Draft, Expired, or Scheduled package list headings to further simplify your query.