StudioCDN Windows Installation

This page shows you how to install StudioCDN on your Windows computer.

1. Download the installation file: Windows 7+ / Mac OS X 10.7+

Here: Windows / Mac OS X

 2. Uninstall any previous versions:

This can be done in the Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> StudioCDN.

3. Install StudioCDN:

Double click on the StudioCDN.exe file to begin the installation.

4. Finish the installation process:

It is recommended that you create a Desktop Shortcut for the StudioCDN application and the StudioCDN portal link.

At this stage you have now successfully downloaded the StudioCDN application. This next section goes over how to configure the StudioCDN application for use.

First open the application. StudioCDN has two pages, the Sending and the Configuration page. The application always opens up to the Sending page where you securely send files from your computer. To switch to the Configuration page please click on the gear symbol located at the bottom of the application on the right corner. This icon is shown in the picture below.


You have now come to the Configuration page where you are able to change Sender, Message, and Content settings. In order to use this application it is required to set up your Sender information. Depending on your organization you will either use a Desktop or Login Authorization. For Desktop you will only need to enter in your organization’s keyword, for Login you will also need to enter you sender email and password.

While not required you can also change your default sending message as well at this stage. In the next section you can choose your own Subject, Body, and Signature. It is required that you have a Subject and Body for each package you send.

If you know for certain your account isn’t immediately authorized or if you get an email from Amazon after sending your first package, please go to the third guide in the Installation section of the Documents page, “Authorizing Your Account After Sending Your First Package”.