How-To: StudioCDN Web-App Quick Start Guide

StudioCDN Web-App Quick Start Guide:
To create and send a new package delivery using the StudioCDN web application, while viewing the, “Portal,” screen
1.) Navigate to and click the blue, New Package button to load the StudioCDN composer / editor.

1 New Package

2.)Next, locate the To field in the lower left section just outside editor screen and type the email address of the recipient(s) to which you would like to send a watermarked promo delivery. Alternatively you may add a list stored in the StudioCDN Lists chooser.

3.) Following, locate and drag the file(s) you wish to send, from your desktop or hard drive location and drop them in the gray section labeled Assets on the right side of the StudioCDN editor screen.

4.) Finally, navigate to and click the GREEN Send button in the top left corner of the editor screen to send the package and load the, Packages List Portal page.