Design: Adding Row Background Images

Adding Row Background Images: StudioCDN now allows senders to add background images to structure blocks for display behind text and other content.

To add a background image to any structure block…

  • Add or Hover and click the desired structure block*.
  • Enable the Row Background Image Option toggle from the row properties menu.
  • Click Change Image to upload or add an image via. URL.
  • Tick Full Width, Repeat, and Center options as desired.
  • Add a background color for backup email client compatibility**.

*Email client compatibility: The StudioCDN editor uses advanced email design techniques to ensure that background images are rendered on most email clients. According to our most recent tests, the only email clients for which background images were not shown, were:

  • Outlook (background images appear to work on Outlook 2016 on OS X, not in other versions)
  • Lotus Notes 7
  • Xfinity / Comcast email client

**For those email clients – and for best results when images are blocked – make sure that you set a background color for the row that works well in the absence of the background image.

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