Creating a Email CSV List

A CSV (Comma-seprated values) file is a Excel document type that stores data, such as email address’s. StudioCDN is able to import CSV files that contain email address’s so that you don’t have to type them all out manually for each package.

How to create a CSV Email File

A CSV file can be created in Excel or in a text editor such as NotePad or TextEdit.

To create the CSV file in Excel, open a new document and create a column for email and then enter the email addresses by each row. You also have the option to create columns for extra information such as name or company which follow the email address as shown in the picture below. You have the option to include extra columns with even more information, but this extra information will not be imported into the StudioCDN application. Save the file with the .CSV file extension (when saving the file type .CSV after the filename).


If you create the CSV file in a text editor, create a one column email list with the first line being “email” as shown in the picture below. Save the file with the .CSV file extension and the next time you open the file it should open with Excel where you can add the other columns if you wish.

Once you have created a CSV file you can import it into StudioCDN by dragging the file into the application. If you typed in one of the column names wrong or entered an incorrect format for the email address the StudioCDN application will let you know (if you have multiple errors it will only point to the first error). There will also be a green reload symbol that comes up as well as displayed in the picture below. If you change the file in anyway you can update the StudioCDN application by clicking on the green reload symbol.