How-To: Make the Advanced Editor the Default Email Editor

Make the StudioCDN Advanced Email Editor the Default Email Editor:
To Make the StudioCDN Advanced Editor the default email editor; from any screen in the StudioCDN web-app,
1.) Navigate to and click the Gear Icon User Preferences icon in the top right corner of the StudioCDN web-app to to access the StudioCDN Preferences / Control Panel.2.) Located at the bottom of the StudioCDN Preferences / Control Panel page, Navigate to and tick the desired, “Standard Editor,” or, “Advanced Editor,” option.

3.) Navigate to and click the the, “Save and Close,” button located at the top of the StudioCDN Preferences / Control Panel page  to be taken back to your StudioCDN portal Packages list.

4.) From the StudioCDN packages list, click the, “New Package,” button; Your StudioCDN editor will now default to the Advanced Editor and display a default template; this template may be customized and saved for further use, or you may pick from any number of our free delivery templates via. the, “Download,” button in the StudioCDN templates menu or via. the StudioCDN Templates Direct link.

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