Viewing Sent Packages

When you send a package in StudioCDN you are able to view information and change its settings in the StudioCDN portal . When you go to the portal, at the top of the page the first section “Sent Packages” displays sent packages, as shown in the picture.

Portal - Preparing

It shows the sent Date, the Artist and Project title (if you included Audio files, otherwise it will display as n/a as shown in above), the Message Subject, and its Status. There three different states that a package goes through. The first state, as shown above in Example StudioCDN Project, is PREPARING. In this state the project is in the process of being sent and has not been delivered to the recipient(s). The second state shown in the picture below for the Example StudioCDN Project is ACTIVE. In this state the package has been sent and delivered to the recipient(s) and they are able to access it currently. The third state, which is shown in both of the pictures for the n/a packages, is EXPIRED. This is the last state and the sent and delivered packages cannot be accessed any longer by the recipient(s). The Sent Packages section also contains a search feature located at the top right. 

Portal - Active

To view more information and to change settings of individual sent packages, click on the View Details text next to the corresponding package as shown in both of the pictures. This is the additional information page for the Example StudioCDN Project.

Portal - Details Full Page - ready


From this page you are able to view even more information about the sent package and are able to change its settings. In the top half which is shown larger below, you are able to view basic information such as the artist, title, if its watermarked, who the sender is, and who are the recipients of this package. You are also able to change the settings of this package as well. In the basic information box, the first one, you are able to “Recall from All” which makes the content inaccessible for all the recipients immediately. You can also “Revoke Forwarding From All” which prevents any of the recipients from forwarding the content to others. Within the Recipients box you can recall from that particular recipient, resend the content, and disable link protection.

Portal - Details Top- readyIn the bottom half of the page the Files are shown as well as the Activity from all of the recipients. As shown the activity box remains empty when the recipient(s) haven’t accessed the content yet. Portal - Details bottom

When they have begun to access content the Activity box will be to fill up as shown. 

Delivery- Activity bottomTo exit out of the additional information page click on the Back to Sent Packages link at the top of the page.