StudioCDN Advanced Editor Update – YouTube & Vimeo Videos and Background Images Features Added

StudioCDN Advanced Editor Update 01-22-2018 – YouTube & Vimeo Videos and Background Images Features Added


MSI is pleased to announce the StudioCDN web-app Advanced Editor update is now complete with added support for YouTube / Vimeo video embeds and background images.


YouTube and Vimeo Video Embed Support

An easy way to add video content from YouTube or Vimeo to your StudioCDN Delivery. Simply add the Video content block and copy and paste the URL of your video from YouTube or Vimeo, and StudioCDN will automatically grab the cover image for, overlay a Play icon, and link it to the video content.


More InfoDesign: Add Youtube and Vimeo Content


Background Images & Layering

Create even more stunning emails in the StudioCDN Advanced Editor, easily layer text, images, buttons, and more on top of  background images to give your emails depth and character.

To add a Background Image simply add or select an existing row and upload an image using the Change Image button in Row Properties.


More Info: Design: Adding Background Images