Introducing the All NEW StudioCDN Secure Watermarked Delivery Web-App

StudioCDN Watermark Editor

Introducing the All NEW StudioCDN Secure Watermarked Delivery Web-App


Not that long ago, business productivity and performance revolved primarily around client-server architectures and desktop computing. Laptops and other mobile devices were viewed mostly as a way to get work done while away from the office or in the field.

Almost without exception, it was difficult and often incredibly time-consuming to sync contacts, emails, files, and other data across various devices and systems. In addition, real-time data and information were still a far-off concept.

Today, mobility rules the computing universe and the new StudioCDN web application is part of that world…

Media Science Incorporated (MSI) pioneers in the creation of next generation secure content delivery, digital watermarking, and anti-piracy technologies, is pleased to announce the latest release of their flagship content protection platform, StudioCDN.

More than a redesign, the all new StudioCDN has been deconstructed and rebuilt from the ground up for the modern web. Focusing on simplicity and usability, the latest release of StudioCDN maintains MSI’s commitment to support secure, streamlined, digital delivery of high value media assets.

Having heard our clients feedback StudioCDN web-application has migrated to the browser allowing global access from any internet connected device.

New In StudioCDN


-Drag & Drop HTML email builder

-Fully Branded Deliveries With StudioCDN Responsive HTML Email Templates

– Replicate, Edit, and Send Previous Deliveries With Package Clone

-Upload From Dropbox, Box, & OneDrive, With CloudConnect

-Send Time & Delivery Expiration Optimization via. Scheduler

-Receive Deliveries From Non-StudioCDN Users With Inbox

-Sort deliveries options with Active, Draft, Scheduled, and Expired

-Expanded security via. two-factor authentication.

-Lightning Fast Transmission With StudioCDN’s New Native Uploader

+ Much More

Click or Call Today To See The All New StudioCDN In Action; For More Information Please See the StudioCDN User, Quick Start, and Video Guides